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Street Art

Intro to Art

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Art History Inspired Project


For this project create a piece of work based on the class trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you did not go to the museum, base it on a picture from the museum website. Pick a piece of work that speaks to you, and create is as a drawing or painting. Try to be as accurate as possible. The size of the work work should be no smaller than 8.5" x 11"


Write a one page and a half description of the work you created or a biography about the artist. Keep in mind the four step process of thinking about art. Look, Describe, Think, Connect. Please include the title of the piece, the year it was made, the medium, style and where it is located.You will be asked to submit an electronic version of your work on Brightspace.

Assignment Writeup                Rubric

Trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
Student painting

Our trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art consisted in a self directed exploration of particular pieces in the museum. Students were given a list of art works with pictures that they had to find, observe, think about and connect with. All works were based on class lectures and discussions.

List of Museum Art Works

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