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Art History I

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Research Paper Assignment

The paper should be three to five pages in length. This is a format specific paper. Talk to professor about format options. This is done in order to empower students to embrace critical thinking and collegiate literacy skills. Students will personally choose a subject from required text book, and within the span of our curriculum. The papers are to include a thesis, introductory paragraph, the main body of the text and a strong and supported conclusion (re-iteration of thesis). Papers must employ the MLA style (or any other style previously approved by professor), be type written, 12 point type, in Times Roman font, double spaced, and a works cited page. The paper is to include appropriate photocopied images (properly labeled by title date, period / style, medium and artist) that support the thesis of each paper. These images are to be integrated into the body of the text but do not count toward the page requirement. At least three sources are to be cited in each paper. All Internet sources are to be attached. The student should use appropriate terminology that will be presented with-in curriculum and in required text. Students are required to get topic approval for their research paper. You will be asked to submit an electronic version of your work on Brightspace.

Sample of student Research      Research Paper Rubric

Sample Assignment                   Sample of a Test

       Trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC


Our trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art consisted in a self directed exploration of particular pieces in the museum. Students were given a list of art works with pictures that they had to find, observe, think about and connect with. All works were based on class lectures and discussions.

List of Museum Art Works

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