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Internship Opportunities
for our Students

As a faculty member, I am committed to searching and securing internship opportunities for our practicum students here at SUNY Orange. These internships and the ones already in existence are crucial in connecting the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom with practical,

real-world experience.

Hudson Valley Film Festival

Internship for Students at my Film Festival 

This is an International Film Festival that I am a

co-founder with my partner Hannah Maxwell. The Festival has been running for 8 years. We've had interns in the past that have done various things such as learning to stitch films together and burn a Blu-ray DVD for the shows, social media content, creating short video clips, and motion graphics.

Hudson Valley Film Festival_.png

School Related

Internship for Student Gallery and

Mini Museum Project

This is an opportunity for students to design all materials for the shows at the Harriman Hall Student Gallery as well as all materials needed for the Mini Museum exhibitions. These materials consist of:

posters, cards, social media adds, tags, brochures, videos, short videos for social media, short documentaries.

O Street Designs

Internship for Students at my Design Studio  

I created an opportunity at my design studio, O Street Designs, for  students to experience an immersive, hands-on experience in design. I'm dedicated to mentoring our students, providing opportunities to work on real projects, work with clients, and build a strong foundation for future their careers.

Raven Lake Studio

Internship for Students at Raven Lake Studios 

Due to my connections with Raven Lake Studio, our  students get a chance to experience an immersive, hands-on experience in design.Raven Lake Studio provides one-of-a-kind signage, vinyl, and experiential graphics. From start to finish, their team works with clients to create a custom, powerful experience perfect for every organization. They offer a personal ‘Boutique Style’ environment with a client lounge and workspace for design sessions and consultation. Raven Lake studio is located in Warwick, NY

Raven Lake Studios
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