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Professional Development
and Service


January 2024 Creating an Equitable Grading System for ALL Students

(UNY)839 Adelphi University

  • 1 week (5 days) course 

  • 3 graduate level credits (applicable to PRT)  

  • Instructor:  Patricia Burr

Course Details

  • Dates:      1/8 - 1/12/24

  • Time:        8:00am-5:00pm 

  • Modality:  Remote synchronous and asynchronous

UNY 839 Adelphi University
"Grading practices are a mirror not just for students, but for us as their teachers.” - Joe Feldman The purpose of grading is to communicate a mastery or needed improvement of skills to students and their caregivers. But there are many flaws in the traditional grading system that often deviate from good intentions. Participants will examine the historical purpose of the grading system and how it has been used to determine a student's academic potential, before diving into current research on equitable teaching and learning. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their current grading practices, questioning how equitable they are for students, and be able to improve ways of assessing students.

  • Required text: Grading for Equity: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Can Transform Schools and Classrooms. ISBN #978-150639157-1


August 2023 (PLA) Assessing Prior Learning CAEL course. 

I was part of this committee led by Dr. Angela Rios, where we explored and learned about assessing prior learning.

As part of this project, me and other members of the team took part in an intensive three and half weeks course that required in depth analysis and work on ways to approach assessing experiential learning. The course was extremely informative and I received a certification for completing the work successfully .

June 2023 Guest Lecturer at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland. 

I was Invited to teach a three day intensive on Design Thinking and Creativity.

This is part of an annual invitation as a guest lecturer. During my time there I taught Polish and International students about Design Thinking and Creativity and how these practices apply in the business world today. 

March 2023 Art show and exhibition: Heartbreak Hotel 

Two of my paintings,"Adam and Eve" were accepted and included at the show.

Sponsored by Cryptic Gallery, Teran Studios and Reason & Rukus, Poughkeepsie, NY


March 2023 Guest Lecturer at the Academy of Creative Education- SPINAKER at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland. 

I was Invited to participate in this project and support the Academy of Creative Education to achieve their goals which are the development and promotion of innovative methods of teaching business at higher education institutions in the international environment.

I conducted a lecture and workshop on Creativity using Design Thinking methodology for a group of international students at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland, Spring 2023.

This was a live event where I discussed the importance of research, creative thinking, ideating and prototyping for their projects. The event was attended by international faculty and students.

My part was done remote. While live on on a big screen I was able to see the faculty and students, lecture and conduct a series of creative exercises. 

My lecture consisted of:

  • Introducing Design Thinking

  • Presenting a case study

  • Conducting creative Ideating exercises

  • Final discussion


Service to Students

  • Participated in New Student Open House Fall 2022

  • Reinstated trips to NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Mini Museum Project

  • Redesign of student sitting area at Harriman Hall

  • Drawing workshop for students from the Fashion Club

  • Introduced Internship opportunities for Viscom and New Media students with: Hudson Valley Film Festival, Warwick Press, Raven Lake Studio and O Street Design

Service to the College Community

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